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It Wasnít Me by Michael Bond
Doubleday ISBN 9780857534309

Harry Manners is a very unusual boy. He doesn't think there is anything unusual about him - he's just inquisitive about, well, everything. He is happy with his Max Masters comics and his imaginary pet pig but in the meantime drives his parents and teachers to distraction. At home, at school and even in church you just never know what might be about to happen. Inspired by his own grandson, this is the latest book from this celebrated author who is very perceptive about the behaviour of humans as well as bears from Peru.

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Poppy Pym and the Double Jinx by Laura Wood
Scholastic ISBN 9781407163468

Poppy's life in the circus is quite exciting but now she also has her new life in school. When the town hall burns down, St Smithen's School is asked to host a production of Macbeth. There follows a series of disasters, some just plain mysterious but some rather ghostly. It's up to super sleuth Poppy and her friends to investigate the strange events and discover the truth. This book is full of fun and energy. There is a great cast of characters and the story is sure to entertain and charm its readers.

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