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Jeri Telstar and the Biggest Secret in the World by Nury Vittachi
PPP Company ISBN 9789881740069

A dangerous supervillain is on the warpath and the terrified townsfolk need a hero to save them! Jeri Telstar, the boy who did good things at bad times, seems like the world's least-likely saviour - until he discovers the biggest secret in the world. Jeri Telstar is a hero for today, balancing his need to get good grades with his desire to save the universe.

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Mr Gum and the Dancing Bear by Andy Stanton
Egmont ISBN 9781405241793

Do you like bears called Padlock? Do you like hot-air balloons? Do you like tall sailing ships with mad sea captains and horrifying old villains? Course you do! This book's got all of those things - and a lot more besides. It's a rollicker! It's a frolicker! It's a funtime sun-time yollicker! So get reading!

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