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Bella Donna: Cat Magic by Ruth Symes
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848122499

In this latest book in the super Bella Donna series, Bella's cat Pegatha goes missing and Bella has to use all her powers of ingenuity to try and find her. At the witching hour of midnight all the witches of Coven Road fly off into the night sky searching for Pegatha. When a new cat arrives at the local cats' home, the owner Amelia wonders if it can possibly be Pegatha. Will Bella be reunited with the cat she adores? This delightful story links to the importance of cats in Ancient Egyptian times with many interesting facts about that era. It is another magical tale by this fantastic writer.

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Osbert the Avenger by Christopher William Hill
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408326350

Osbert is a very clever boy and a talented violinist who wins a place at The Institute, a rather sinister school in Schwartzgarten. There he meets one friend, one kind teacher and several cruel teachers intent on humiliating the children. Osbert is spurred into action and the tale unfolds with grim and gory events that are dark but comic. This is a brilliantly written book with fantastic characters. It is a real page-turner, a hilarious read and it will delight boys and girls alike.

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