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Daisy and the Trouble with Zoos by Kes Gray
Red Fox ISBN 9781862304932

It's Daisy's birthday and she's having a special birthday surprise. She's going to the zoo with two friends and, best of all, her mother has arranged for Daisy to go into the actual penguin cage with the actual zoo keeper and feed actual penguins! Needless to say, trouble ensues.... This is a laugh-out-loud story with hilarious illustrations. As you read this book, you will wish you had been invited on Daisy's trip to the zoo!

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After the Flood by L S Matthews
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340931813

Jack: caught by the rising water, fleeing the floods with his parents, trying to make a new life for themselves in the country. Michael: ill, cared for by his sister, watching the world go by from his window. Together, Jack and Michael hatch a plan to save a wild young horse from destruction. But they're in for a rough ride....

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