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Scam on the Cam by Clementine Beauvais
Hodder ISBN 9781444912548

Sesame Seade has reason to be suspicious about the strange goings-on by the river. She is rather half-hearted about being part of a rowing crew herself but she becomes very interested in certain events in the build-up to the Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge. When the Cambridge crew go down one by one with a mysterious bug it's time for Sesame to get into supersleuth mode. This is a brilliantly written hilarious story peppered with super illustrations. Sesame is a fantastic character and a very smart heroine.

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SWARM: Operation Sting by Simon Cheshire
Stripes ISBN 9781847154378

The Secret Intelligence Agency's new weapon SWARM is set on a mission. The robotic bugs working as undercover agents are put into action to locate a stolen device that has the power to wreak havoc on the world's electronic communications. Will SWARM be able to recover the device before the encryption code is cracked and the villains have their evil way? This is an action-packed page-turner of a book by this fantastic writer. It is the first book in this adventure series featuring robot technology.

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