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Frightfully Friendly Ghosties by Daren King
Quercus Books ISBN 9781847249937

Tabitha Tumbly, Pamela Fraidy and friends are constantly amazed that the still-alives in their house are so horrible to them. They do mean things such as locking Pamela in the attic with a leggy spider. Even the half-sized still-alives seem to be mean-spirited. This is a hilarious tale of ghosties who are not only frightfully friendly but also wickedly well-mannered!

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The Montgomery Murder by Cora Harrison
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120648

The streets of Victorian London provide the setting for this murder mystery. The police are trying to catch the killer of wealthy Mr Montgomery. They decide to enlist the help of young Alfie Sykes and his friends who are streetwise and bold. They must follow up clues and suspects and face this dangerous and sinister world to find the truth... This is the first adventure, action-packed and full of twists and turns, in the London Murder Mysteries.

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