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The Quirks in Circus Quirkus by Erin Soderberg
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408842935

The Quirks are a very unusual family who bring a whole new meaning to the word quirky. Each has a unique magical power that they constantly try to hide as they really want to settle in their new town - Normal in Michigan. When the circus comes to town the children learn to juggle and fly on the trapeze. But however good their circus skills are, will they be able to keep their nosy neighbour from uncovering their secrets? This is a crazy action-packed story with superb illustrations. The imaginative characters show how being different from others is cool!

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The Impossible Boy by Mark Griffiths
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9780857075390

Things are not always as they seem. Blue Hills appears to be like so many other towns but on closer inspection the impossible is happening. When a new boy starts to entertain his schoolmates with inexplicable magic tricks, Gabby and Barney - aka Geek Inc - set out to investigate. They soon realise that the weird and mysterious goings-on could threaten the whole world and they mean to find out the truth. This is a fantastic page-turner that is sure to entertain boys and girls alike. Readers who enjoy a good mystery will wish they were members of Geek Inc to get in on the action.

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