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The Get Rich Quick Club 2: Kerching by Rose Impey
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408312094

If you have ever been short of ready cash at the beginning of the holidays you will relate to Banksy and his friends. They have lots of ideas about raising pocket money but, in spite of Banksy's business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit, success is not always easy. Their money-making schemes include secret surveillance and pancakes in the park but can they persuade people to part with their money? This is a laugh-out-loud book and a real page-turner!

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Hollow Earth by John and Carole E Barrowman
Buster Books ISBN 9781907151644

Matt and Emily Calder are twins with extraordinary powers of imagination - and an ability to bring paintings to life. When their mother Sandie realises that certain villainous people are attempting to use Matt and Em to find Hollow Earth with its demons and evil creatures, she decides to seek protection from the twins' grandfather on the island of Auchinmurn. But will he be able to give them the sanctuary they need? And will they be able to prevent Hollow Earth from being violated? This is a brilliant story with amazing characters and a wonderfully exciting plot. It is gripping from beginning to end and will have you on the edge of your seat.

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