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Five Seconds to Doomsday by Simon Cheshire
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120273

Meet Saxby Smart, schoolboy detective. In this exciting book, Saxby has three puzzling crimes to crack with the help of his friends, Muddy and Izzy. His arch-enemy plots revenge, a consignment of games discs disappears and Saxby's school is the target of an apparently pointless robbery. See if you are 'smart' enough to piece together the clues and solve these mysteries with Saxby!

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Paradise Barn by Victor Watson
Catnip Publishing ISBN 9781846470912

Molly and her friend, Abigail, live in Great Deeping, not far from one of their favourite and special places, Paradise Barn. Along with Adam, an evacuee from London, they are determined to solve the mystery of the body found near Paradise Barn. They soon discover that it is one thing hunting for clues and another thing tracking down a murderer. With so many strangers in their midst, who can they really trust?

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