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Genie in Trouble by Ciaran Murtagh
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848122796

Jamie is starting another tricky spelling test at school when suddenly his genie friend Balthazar appears. There is trouble back in Lampville and Balthazar needs Jamie to return to the Genie Academy with him to help sort things out. Jamie knows he is in for a dangerous challenge but secret plots in the genie world and magic carpet races are better than a spelling test any day! This is a hilarious and wacky story by this very funny writer. It is entertaining and full of energy. If you enjoy this book, look out for the other titles in the series.

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Granny Grabbers’ Whizz Bang World by Charlotte Haptie
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9781444904086

Delilah Smart's parents are determined their daughter will excel in everything she does and to help them they send off for a childcare robot. Although at first Delilah isn't sure what to make of the metal contraption with several long arms, soon Delilah and Granny Grabbers form a close bond. But when Delilah's parents send off for the replacement Nanny Deluxe, is it time for Granny Grabbers to go to the scrapheap? Not without a lot of resistance! This is a very funny and warm-hearted story. The madcap adventures and characters make for a real page-turner of a book.

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