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The Spaghetti Yeti by Kate Pankhurst
Orion ISBN 9781444012309

Mariella Mystery hopes to become a super sleuth. When Mariella goes on holiday with her family and friends, she's hoping she will have the chance to practise her powers of detection. Mariella and her friends are thrilled with the campsite, café and ice-cream parlour but they soon decide something strange is afoot when they realise there might be a spaghetti-stealing creature hiding in the woods. Will the Mystery Girls be able to outwit the spaghetti yeti? This is a brilliant story with amazing illustrations throughout. It sparkles with humour from beginning to end.

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Diary of Dorkius Maximus in Pompeii by Tim Collins
Buster Books ISBN 9781780552682

Dorkius loves living in Rome but he has to spend the summer in Pompeii. He thinks it is going to be deadly boring but instead it turns out to be deadly. While following a trail of clues to work out how to avert danger he meets Decima and together they try to save everyone from the demon on Mount Vesuvius. Will Dorkius' dream of becoming a Roman hero come true? Will he be able to stay alive that long? This is a hilarious instalment of Dorkius' diary. The characters are fantastic and show the reader aspects of Roman history as well as bringing excitement and adventure.

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