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Letters from an Alien Schoolboy by Ros Asquith
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120945

In Mission Earth, Flowkwee disguises himself as a schoolboy to help his father study Earthlings, that rather pathetic race who can't zoom or fly, or do much else according to Flowkwee. He can't believe how disgustingly useless and ugly his new school friends are. He reports his adventures back to his friend on Faa in this laugh-out-loud book. Earthlings, especially younglings, will enjoy this fantastic book with its quirky illustrations.

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The Book of Bones by Natasha Narayan
Quercus Books ISBN 9781849162418

Kit Salter finds herself on a mission to China after the coach she and her friends are travelling in on Dartmoor is hijacked. This amazing story about their search for the Book of Bones is action-packed - with pirates and smugglers, danger and mystery. They meet many people as they travel but who should they trust? Will they survive this perilous journey into the hidden heart of China and find their freedom again?

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