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Fizzlebert Stump and the Great Supermarket Showdown by A F Harrold
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408869451

Poor old Fizz! The circus has been sold and the new owner wants everyone to work in his supermarket. When all you know is flying around on a trapeze or spinning plates it is a great shock to have to spend your day stacking shelves and carrying heavy bags for old people. Is this curtains for Fizz or will he be able to find a way to save the circus and the life he loves? This is another hilarious story by this super writer. It is a light-hearted romp through Fizz's latest adventure and it is accompanied by wonderful illustrations.

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Binny Bewitched by Hilary McKay
Hodder ISBN 9781444925432

It is a few years since Binny's family moved to Cornwall but they are still unpacking boxes. They were very lucky to be left their house by Binny's aunt but nevertheless money - or rather lack of it - remains a huge problem. So when Binny comes across a large sum of money will it be the answer to their problems? Another thing troubling Binny is their strange new neighbour - so strange that Binny suspects her of being a witch. Magic is woven yet again by this fantastic author. The characters are memorable and lovable and as in the other Binny books the story is heart-warming and moving.

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