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Spy Pups: Circus Act by Andrew Cope
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141326054

The Spy Pups, Spud and Star, are following hot in the paw prints of their mum, Lara - Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal. The circus is in town and in this episode in their exciting life the pups have to join the circus to sniff out the villains when priceless jewels go missing. Can the pups stop them before they vanish with the loot?

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Doctor Doom by Ceci Jenkinson
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571249701

Here's another Tale of Trouble for Oli and Skipjack. The trouble in this story is that Oli, Skipjack and Professor Vladimir Vakloff are each on a mission - and all three missions meet together at the Summer Fair. An International Criminal Mastermind, an old enemy plus a secret mission add together to make this latest story in this exciting and very funny series.

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