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Monster Swap Robbie and Voxy by Jonny Zucker
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340997109

We've all heard of exchanges during the holidays but how would you like to stay with a monster - and have a monster stay with you? Robbie has been selected to go and visit Voxy in his monster world. As if mud beds and soil burgers aren't enough to get used to, no sooner has Robbie arrived than he finds out about the Boulder Battle. This is a hilarious page-turner of a book with two madcap adventures to enjoy as Robbie and Voxy find their feet in each other's world!

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Billionaire Boy by David Walliams
HarperCollins Children's Books ISBN 9780007371082

Can you imagine what it is like to be rich? Really rich - so rich that you can have everything you want. Joe Spud has his own Formula One car, his own bowling alley and a rollercoaster in the garden. He has everything - well nearly everything. One thing he really wants is a friend. Maybe even friendship can be bought... This is an incredibly entertaining book - very funny but also very moving. It is brilliantly written illustrating the importance of family and friends.

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