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Beasts of Olympus: Beast Keeper by Lucy Coats
Piccadilly ISBN 9781848124394

Demon adores looking after animals. When his father, the Greek god Pan, takes him to Olympus to be a stable boy for the gods he feels as if life has changed - and not for the better. The stables are very smelly, the creatures are extremely difficult and the food is absolutely disgusting - and Demon is really missing his home. Will he be able to sort out the chaos in the stables and make his father proud? And will the feast of the gods live up to its name? This is a very funny story set in Ancient Greece. It introduces several well-known mythical creatures and is enhanced by imaginative illustrations.

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Nightbird by Alice Hoffman
Simon & Schuster ISBN 9781471124211

Twig loves living in Sidwell, Massachusetts, but she is quiet and shy and has never really had a friend. When a new family arrives in the house next to their orchard she has a feeling that this summer her whole life could change. Could the spell of Twig's family secret that makes them hide away be broken? And could Twig find herself surrounded by the family and friends she so much craves? This is a beautifully written book by a highly accomplished author. You may find yourself bewitched by this magical and compelling story.

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