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The Thunder Omen by Caroline Lawrence
Orion ISBN 9781444004571

It is the midwinter festival of Saturnalia and Threptus, the young apprentice of the soothsayer Floridius, is enjoying the feasting and fun. However, along with the celebrations, pantomimes and general mayhem, disaster is threatened by the thunder omen. Will Threptus be able to help Floridius overcome his latest dilemma? With Floridius and the sacred chickens, Threptus' life in Ostia is always chaotic. This is an exciting mystery full of historical facts about ancient Rome that will delight young readers.

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Binny for Short by Hilary McKay
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9781444900545

Binny's life has been difficult since her father died and her dog Max disappeared. When an aunt leaves Binny's family her house at the seaside, it is a mixed blessing. Of course they will have fun by the sea with days full of sunshine and freedom but memories of the aunt loom large over Binny. And the memories of Max don't quite go away. Is there any chance she will be reunited with him? This is a brilliantly written story that is gripping in a gently humorous way. As you read it you feel as if you too are on holiday by the sea.

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