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Monster Swap Eddie and Fenda by Jonny Zucker
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340997123

Eddie loves puzzles and kung-fu. Fenda is three feet tall, five feet wide and is covered in green hair - she's a monster. They are about to take part in an exchange visit but when it is arranged neither of them knows what's in store. They have great fun sharing each other's lives - Eddie with the monsters at the bone-jangling funfair and Fenda with the humans in the fiery catering fiasco. Here are two crazy adventures in this fantastic book with super illustrations. If ever you've wanted to go and stay with a monster then this is the book for you.

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The Devilís Triangle Eye of the Storm by Mark Robson
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847389800

Sam and his friend Callum are trapped in a parallel world, pulled across by dangerous energies of the Devil's Triangle. Sam has been reunited with his mother who had previously disappeared and who is attempting to prevent the raptors from creating even bigger holes in the fabric between the two worlds. Sam's twin sister Niamh is in Florida trying to find out the truth about the boys' disappearance. She is convinced the boys are still alive but she has to act quickly as their father is accused of their murder. This fast-moving adventure is full of action, drama and suspense. It is a brilliant read, exciting from beginning to end.

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