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No Way Out by Gene Kemp
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571244553

Adam and Alex are twins. They're not identical but they are telepathic and there is something secret that holds them together even when they argue. They are on what is supposed to be a typical family holiday - but somehow it is different. They are in a very strange town with weird houses and people. As you read this book you'll see that no matter where they run there's...no way out.

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Tribe: Goodbye, Copper Pie by T M Alexander
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120631

Goodbye, Copper Pie is part of the series about the five friends who make up Tribe. It's full of questions. Will the summer fair be a success? Who's getting a dog? And not least, will Copper Pie really desert Tribe? There are three stories in this book for you to get to know these fantastic characters - a group of ordinary kids who find fun in inventive ways. Find out more about their challenges and friendship as you delve into Tribe's adventures.

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