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Jeri Telstar and the Small Black Dog that Talked like the President by Nury Vittachi
PPP Company ISBN 9789881740076

A cunning plot is underway to break into 'the unrobbable bank' and the unsuspecting townsfolk need a hero to protect their savings. Nerdy, homework-obsessed Jeri Telstar seems the world's least likely saviour. But he knows the biggest secret in the world. Jeri Telstar is a hero for today, balancing the need to get good grades with his desire to save the universe. This book is the second in a new series that gives modern youngsters a hero with whom they can identify. It will delight with the message that the most powerful forces in the universe are not flying fists but secrets found in books.

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Skulduggery Pleasant Playing with Fire by Derek Landy
HarperCollins Children's Books ISBN 9780007257058

You know how it is - you think you've saved the world, and then ANOTHER evil villain turns up with an unbeatable monster and starts breaking things. Oh yes, and you've got a skull for a head. A thirteen-year-old girl for a sidekick. And no clue what to do....

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