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The Boy in the Biscuit Tin by Heather Dyer
Chicken House ISBN 9781905294282

When Ibby is sent to stay with her aunt, she discovers her troublesome boy cousins, Francis and Alex, playing with an old box of magic tricks they found in the attic. Ibby is sure that magic isn't real - until she sees Francis sitting at the bottom of the biscuit tin, magically miniaturized by Alex. After that, nothing is what it seems.

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Broken Glass by Sally Grindley
Bloomsbury Publishing ISBN 9780747586159

When two brothers find themselves homeless in the big city, things are much harder than they could ever have imagined. With the help of some other children, the brothers learn how to survive on the street. They start to work as glass collectors and soon things don't seem so very bad - until one day Suresh realises that his younger brother Sandeep isn't coping as well as he thought. Suresh has to think very hard about how to save Sandeep, and himself, from a terrible fate.

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