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The Naming of Tishkin Silk by Glenda Millard
Phoenix Yard Books ISBN 9781907912245

Griffin Silk is a very unusual boy who finds the children at school rather mean. He lives with his loving family though sadly without his mother and baby sister. Griffin holds a secret in his heart and it is only when he meets Layla and he knows he has found a true friend that he starts to deal with his secret. Will he have the courage of his mythical namesake? And will Griffin and Layla together find a way to bring peace to this young boy? This is a beautifully written and extraordinary story that will move as well as entertain its readers.

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Adrenaline Rush by Allan Jones
Orion Books ISBN 9781444005493

Zak Archer is a spy working for a secret government agency. In this latest adventure in the Codename Quicksilver series, Zak is working undercover as a stunt double for a Hollywood movie. He and his colleague Wildcat are investigating a link between the producer Elton Dean and a suspected terrorist attack. Zak is aware of the dangers surrounding him but if his cover is blown will he be able to complete his mission? This brilliant story is full of action and is exciting from start to finish. It is a real page-turner of a book.

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