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Prom King by Ciaran Murtagh
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848125582

When Blake Romney arrives from America and joins Fin's class, Fin thinks everything about Blake is really cool. This is high praise from Fin who up to now thinks of himself as the best-looking and most charming kid in the school. When Blake suggests an end of year Prom, Fin goes into overdrive. He absolutely must be the Prom King and find a way of making Claudia his Prom Queen. But will he be able to make this happen? Even with the help of his magic diary it could be tricky. This is another hilarious story from this super writer. The book is imaginatively presented and is very entertaining from start to finish.

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The Song From Somewhere Else by A F Harrold
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408853368

Frank isn't sure how to react when Nick Underbridge, the least popular boy at school, helps her get away from some boys who have been bullying her. What would her friends say if they knew she had been to Nick's house? And will he take it that she is now his friend? But there is something appealing about Nick's house and particularly the music she hears there. Sometimes friendship can be found when it is least expected. This is a beautifully written story that is at times funny, frightening and very moving. It is a real page-turner and is extremely thought-provoking.

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