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Elspeth Hart and the School for Show-offs by Sarah Forbes
Stripes ISBN 9781847155955

Elspeth has had to live with her disgusting aunt Miss Crabb in the attic of the astonishingly awful School for Show-offs since her parents disappeared in a flood. Her aunt won't allow her outdoors telling her that she is allergic to fresh air. Elspeth's memories of life before the flood are rather hazy but when she is hit on the head by a falling book, things begin to change. With Rory, her only real friend, can Elspeth work out the truth of why she is being kept against her will in this dreadful school? This is a very funny and fast-paced story. If you enjoy reading about this delightful and determined heroine, look out for other books in the series.

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Warning Cry by Kris Humphrey
Stripes ISBN 9781847156051

Nara was chosen at birth as a Whisperer, a guardian of the wild. Although Nara's family are not altogether supportive of her role as a Whisperer, she knows she must head north for the Whisperers' council of war, accompanied only by her loyal leopard friend Flame. The shape-shifting enemy the Narlaw threaten to invade the kingdom of Meridina but with so few others able to help, will Nara and Flame be able to achieve what they set out to do? This is a wonderfully written dramatic story with the characters of the Whisperers and their companions beautifully drawn.

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