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Creaky Castle: Tom and the Siege by Tony Bradman
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9780746081211

Tom has finally pushed his luck too far! His mother, Lady Eleanor, is determined to send him to the terrifyingly tough Squire School, for a life of long-distance runs and cold baths, to make him behave. Only a full-scale siege of Creaky Castle could possibly stop Lady Eleanor's plans. Luckily, the villainous Bad Bart is happy to oblige.... Devilish deals, battering rams and exploding cows.... it's a medieval battleground at Creaky Castle!

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Stinky Finger's Deadly Doll of Death by Jon Blake
Hodder Children's Books ISBN 9780340970119

The Spoonheads have sucked up all the grown-ups into their space zoo, so Stinky Finger and Icky can do exactly what they like. Unfortunately, this means that Icky never sleeps and Stinky never changes his pants. So who could blame their housemate Bryan for losing his marbles? He's sure they're all going to die - if the deadly ventriloquist's doll doesn't get them, the giant slugs will....

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