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Sarky Puddleboat by Eve Branson
AuthorHouse ISBN 9781452097541

Sarky is a very special boat - a surprise present from Granny for her grandchildren. When Sarky Puddleboat is ready to be launched, Granny invites the children to meet at the harbour. They are all absolutely thrilled and they promise to follow Granny's rules when sailing in Sarky. But their excitement takes over and the children soon find themselves in danger. Will they be able to get back to safety? And will Granny let them back on board Sarky for another adventure? This is a lovely story with super illustrations. It will delight young boys and girls reading on their own or reading together.

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Penny Dreadful is a Complete Catastrophe by Joanna Nadin
Usborne Publishing ISBN 9781409536079

Meet Penny Dreadful - delightfully dramatic but disaster-prone whenever one of her many brilliant ideas pop up. In her latest adventures, Penny looks after the class pet rat for the weekend, she comes up with an amazing find for show-and-tell and, with the help of Gran's cat Barry, illustrates the power of pets in unusual circumstances - all with potential for disastrous consequences. Laugh your way through these madcap tales about Penny's mishaps. It is an incredibly entertaining book with brilliantly-drawn characters and the stories are complemented by wonderful illustrations throughout.

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