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Ben's Birthdays by Elizabeth Hawkins
Tamarind Books ISBN 9781848530188

Ben can't wait for his next birthday. Everybody seems to have had more birthdays than he has had. Then one day Ben meets a snail and looks after it very carefully. This small creature has magical powers and grants Ben a special wish. This is Ben's chance to enjoy more birthdays. But is a birthday every day really as good as it sounds at first? Here is a delightful story by a writer who really understands the mind of a child. It is a lovely book for young readers to enjoy on their own or reading together.

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The Spoon of Doom by Sam Hay
A & C Black ISBN 9781408123997

Albert Grub lives with his parents who are both entomologists, or bug-botherers as Albert calls them. His life is full of slugs and snails, beetles and worms. How he wishes his parents were more like other parents! One day his father inherits a porridge factory. The family has no idea how much their lives are going to change. This is a super book for newly confident readers. The story is great fun with its quirky characters and it presents lots of food for thought.

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