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All Alone at Christmas by Justine Smith
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408307632

Katie is very upset at having to leave her adorable puppy, Milo, at home when she and her parents go to visit relatives on Christmas Eve. It gets worse for Katie when it starts to snow and they have to stay overnight. Back at home, Milo has some adventures of his own - but he can't wait for Katie's return. This is a delightful story about friendship and loyalty. It is a heartwarming read for a chilly winter's day!

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Knee-High to a Knight by Hilda Offen
Catnip Publishing ISBN 9781846470851

Bad news for poor Prince Pom! His father the king has broken his leg and now Pom has to take his place and fight the enormous Sir Wilbert. Although the court wizard has a spell to make Pom more powerful, it sounds very risky and dangerous. Laugh out loud as you follow Pom's adventures in this fantastically funny story.

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