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The Hoozles: My Magical Teddy by Jessie Little
Faber and Faber ISBN 9780571247912

Willow and Freddie are going to stay at the seaside for the summer with their aunt. Imagine their excitement as Auntie Suzy has her very own toy shop. The children each already have a Hoozle, magical toys made specially for them, but their adventures really begin when they meet the new Hoozles in the toy shop. This is a delightful story for young readers who are sure to relate to Willow and Freddie, as they, like every Hoozle, need a special friend...

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Super Soccer Boy: Attack of the Giant Slugs by Judy Brown
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120983

Harry Gribble has turned into Super Soccer Boy and now he needs all his sporting skills to help sort out a problem at his grandfather's allotment - a very slimy problem! The slugs have grown to be enormous and they are destroying everything around them. It will probably take a team effort to sort them out. Maybe some good will come of Miss Bunsen's Super-Grow! Here is a hilarious story for boys and girls alike that includes a wonderful grandfather and grandchild relationship.

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