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Knight in Training: Dragons Can't Swim by Vivian French
Hodder ISBN 9781444922271

Sam's ambition is to become a Very Noble Knight but he has no idea how to do this. He and his doodlebird are packed off to Mothscale Castle to stay with his tiresome cousin Prune and several wild beasts including a little dragon called Godfrey. Godfrey gets stuck down a well and while Sam and Prune try to rescue him Sam makes an amazing discovery which could help him in his quest. Will Sam find his True Companion and can he accomplish the tasks to achieve his ambition? Sam and Prune's adventure is the first in an exciting new series. It is a lively and entertaining story with great illustrations that will be enjoyed by both boys and girls.

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Stitch Head: The Beast of Grubbers Nubbin by Guy Bass
Stripes ISBN 9781847156099

Stitch Head is the creation of mad professor Erasmus of Castle Grotteskew. He would like to hide away in the shadows but he must do all he can to keep the castle and its monstrous inhabitants safe. Stitch Head has to contend with a crowd of rioting human children - who are getting very hungry. With Guzzlin' Day approaching, he and his friend Arabella hope to find food in Grubbers Nubbin but they are thwarted by a terrifying beast. Is it the professor's latest creation? Can they overcome the beast before it is too late? This adventure of the likeable Stitch Head is an atmospheric tale that will delight young readers who enjoy quirky characters, a fast-paced story and great illustrations.

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