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My Really Wheely Racing Day! by Betty G Birney
Faber ISBN 9780571298976

Humphrey has lots of friends in Room 26 where he is the class hamster but he is delighted to make a new pal Winky. When he sees Winky's new hamster racing car he thinks it is unsqueakably wonderful and decides he wants a set of wheels of his own. At school a hamster race is set up and Humphrey practises hard but when his car rolls against a wooden block will he be able to zoom across the finishing line first? Here is another FUN-FUN-FUN story in this super series for young readers who can enjoy Humphrey's latest adventure reading on their own or reading together.

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The Revenge of the Green Meanie by Alan MacDonald
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408825235

Stan Button knows that to be a superhero like Captain Courageous he must practise his surprise attack moves. When he is offered a place at Mighty High School he is over the moon but also flabbergasted as he is not sure he has any superhero characteristics yet. The evil and dangerous Green Meanie soon starts to stalk the school corridors - time for Stan and his pals to concoct a cunning plan to overcome this supervillain! This is a laugh out loud tale for boys and girls alike. If you enjoy it as much as I did, look out for other books by this super-funny author.

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