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Agent Amelia Zombie Cows by Michael Broad
Andersen Press ISBN 9781842706633

I'm Amelia Kidd and I'm a secret agent. I don't work for the government or anything, but I've saved the world loads of times from evil geniuses and criminal masterminds. I'm really good at disguises. I make my own gadgets (which sometimes work), and I'm used to improvising in sticky situations - which you have to do all the time when you're a secret agent. These are my Secret Agent Case Files.

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Happy Birthday, Oliver Moon by Sue Mongredien
Usborne ISBN 9780746086872

Oliver can't wait for his birthday party.... until a mix-up with the invitations means that he's lumbered with some unwanted guests. When food starts disappearing and presents go missing, it looks like Oliver's party is set for disaster. Can Oliver stop the party-poopers in time to have a magical birthday?

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