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Short John Silver by Chris Inns and Dave Woods
Orchard Books ISBN 9781408313534

The story of Short John Silver tells us what happened to this famous pirate before he grew up! Short John Silver needs the help of Captain Poopdeck and his crew of scoundrel pirates to help him find Treasure Island and he promises they can all share the buried treasure. After their adventures sailing the Seven Seas they are eager to get their hands on their reward. But things aren't always what they seem! This is a very funny tale on the high seas with super illustrations throughout - ideal for young readers on their own or reading together.

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Penny Dreadful is a Record Breaker by Joanna Nadin
Usborne ISBN 9781409554530

Penny Dreadful is back with more of her madcap adventures. Penny's latest brilliant ideas, with the help of her best-friend Cosmo, are tracking down a vampire to take to school for show-and-tell, giving Grandma Overall a surprise sparkly makeover and breaking the world record for something that has never been in the record books before. However dreadful things become, Penny always seems to bounce back to look on the bright side! The three stories about these super characters are absolutely hilarious with fantastic illustrations to complement them.

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