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Voyage of the Vikings by Mary Pope Osborne
Red Fox ISBN 9781862309159

Jack and Annie are whisked back to the Dark Ages in the Magic Tree House - and they find themselves in real danger. After landing on the coast of Ireland they have lots of adventures as well as learning a lot about life at that time. Just when they are about to leave they discover that there are Viking warriors heading straight towards them. Will they be able to escape?

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Iggy and Me and the Happy Birthday by Jenny Valentine
HarperCollins Children's Books ISBN 9780007283637

More fun from Iggy and her sister Flo! They are always up to something - everyday life becomes a drama when Iggy is around. Iggy learns to swim, she bakes cakes for her school friends - and eats quite a lot of them - and the whole family has a lot of fun preparing for Iggy's birthday. Iggy is so excited Flo thinks she might explode!

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