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My Hamster is a Spy by Dave Lowe
Templar ISBN 9781848772953

When Ben Jinks' house is burgled his super-brainy hamster decides they need to do some surveillance - or at least snooping, like in their favourite television programme Spy Gang. Ben soon finds that spying isn't as cool as he first thought. But they think that Ben's scary teacher meeting the school bully's brothers may be a good lead and the unusual pair hatch a plan to catch the criminals. Will Ben be able to explain that his hamster is a genius and is able to talk? This is a very funny story for boys and girls to enjoy reading on their own or reading together.

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Claude on the Slopes by Alex T Smith
Hodder ISBN 9781444919110

Claude, the most charming dog you could ever meet, and his best friend Sir Bobblysock are amazed to see a blanket of snow covering the street. They soon realise that they are going to have an exciting day with a snowball fight, sledging, building a snowman, skiing - oh... and causing an avalanche. Curl up in the warmth and be amused by this super snowy story and laugh out loud at Claude's latest hilarious adventure. This book with its fantastic illustrations is a delight from start to finish.

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