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Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation by Tamsyn Murray
Simon and Schuster ISBN 9781847387271

Meet Harriet Houdini - she may look like a cute little bunny but she has plenty of pizzazz! As Harriet settles into her new life with Susie's family she is spotted by the producer of Superpets, the popular Saturday evening programme. And so Harriet's new career in showbiz begins. But there are other dramas in her life including a daring attempt at bunny-napping. This is a super story to amuse young readers, with fantastic illustrations throughout.

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Dinoball by Ciaran Murtagh
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848120990

Have fun with the caveboys and their pet dinosaurs! Charlie invents a new game, dinoball, that humans and dinosaurs can enjoy together. Soon dinoball is all the rage so Charlie organises the first Dinoball Cup. His team the Sabreton Sureshots make it to the final but they are up against the Tuskville Terrors who will stop at nothing to win. And the team are especially worried when they are left wondering where Charlie and Steggy have gone. Here is a fantastic book for girls and boys alike to enjoy reading.

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