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The Ferret Princess by Joan Lennon
Catnip Publishing ISBN 9781846470646

Forget the usual image of princesses being pink and fluffy or even ravishing and regal. This princess is more the ferrety sort. She has loads more energy than sense and she just can't help sticking her nose into things - or, by her own admission, making a mess out of sheer enthusiasm! Enjoy this romp through the castle with the princess and her entourage of ferrets then look out for more in the Tales from the Keep series.

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Jake Cake: The Pirate Curse by Michael Broad
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141323695

Have you ever been cursed by a ghostly pirate? Has an alien ever abducted your granny? Have you ever been tricked by a genie? Read Jake Cake's hilarious adventures - the things that happen to him are unbelievable!

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