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Katieís London Christmas by James Mayhew
Orchard ISBN 9781408326411

It's that time of year when anything can happen - Christmas! Katie and Jack have fallen asleep but are suddenly woken by a loud sneeze. They creep downstairs to see who is there and can't believe their eyes. But Father Christmas, as well as having a cold, has so much to do. The children offer to help and so set out on a magical sleigh ride across London through swirling snowflakes - finishing with a very special delivery. This is a lovely story with stunning illustrations by this talented writer / artist. It is sure to enthral young readers and would make a glittering gift for boys or girls.

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Splash Landing by Jan Burchett & Sara Vogler
Orion ISBN 9781444011807

Tom Bright is woken by a strange noise and is greeted by an equally strange sight when he goes into the garden to see what is happening. Tom has no idea what it is but it appears to be a talking animal. It explains that it is a Satnik from Saturn and is on a secret mission to explore Earth. Tom can't resist helping and so embarks on an exciting adventure with his new friend and pet. But pets from space might just get you into trouble! Here are two stories in a fantastic new series which will delight young readers reading on their own or reading together. There is laugh out loud fun from start to finish.

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