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Barmy Barney Barn Owl by Ann Jungman
Troika Books ISBN 9780957301351

Barn owls have lived at Hoden Farm for years so Mr and Mrs Barn Owl are horrified to hear that their home could be sold to developers, leaving them homeless. Time for the owlet Barney to put on his thinking cap and come up with a solution! With the help of the farmer's daughter and the television in the farmhouse he is soon able to come up with some ideas. But will it be all plain sailing - or flying? This is a lovely story for young readers reading together or on their own. And of course Ed is delighted to hear about the Owl Study Centre at the farm!

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The Reindeer Girl by Holly Webb
Stripes ISBN 9781847153890

Lotta is thrilled to be going to Norway to meet her great-grandmother for the first time. As well as the snow, Christmas and a special birthday celebration to look forward to, one of the most exciting things for Lotta is seeing the reindeer. Her favourite bedtime stories have always been those about her great-grandmother and the reindeer. Lotta can only dream of such adventures. Can her dreams come true? Here is the latest wonderful book by this super author in a beautifully presented edition. It is a heartwarming story for many a cold winter's night!

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