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Sir Quinton Quest: The Yetis Hunt for Sir Quinton! by Kaye Umansky
Catnip Publishing ISBN 9781846470707

Sir Quinton Quest is very proud of the photograph of his good self hanging in pride of place in the Explorer's Club. His last expedition to the Himalayas had been to prove that yetis do not exist. But who are the large white hairy creatures who come to London to give Sir Quinton a lovely surprise?

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Delilah Darling is at the Zoo by Jeanne Willis
Puffin Books ISBN 9780141322827

Delilah Darling, also known as Queen Delilah from Far Away Land, is going on a school outing to the zoo. All the children are determined to win the prize - though none of them knows what exactly the prize is. After lots of hilarious goings-on at the zoo, they return to school - to find out what the prize is and who has won it...

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