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My Dad, the Hero by Stella Gurney
Walker Books ISBN 9781406306989

Tariq adores his father who is a taxi driver and can make anything out of wood. For his last birthday he made Tariq a beautiful cricket bat. Naturally Tariq can't bear it when some mean kids mock his father's accent. Tariq faces a dilemma when his teacher gives him a letter for his father - an invitation to come and talk about his work. How can Tariq face the consequences of his actions? This is a wonderful book that is both touching and amusing. With its great story and fantastic illustrations, it really is a winner. Howzat!

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Charlie and the Haunted Tent by Hilary McKay
Scholastic ISBN 9781407103815

The name's Charlie - and he's trouble! Charlie's older brother Max isn't scared of anything - except their great-aunt's haunted house. When Max has to go to stay with their great-aunt, Charlie offers to go with him - his chance to be a hero! But he can't resist winding Max up in the night and chaos abounds. This book is delightful fun from beginning to end. Charlie is a terrific character and if you enjoy this book there are lots of other Charlie books for you to read.

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