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Nixie the Bad, Bad Fairy by Cas Lester
Oxford ISBN 9780192742582

Meet Nixie - a bad but delightful fairy. Nixie's magic wand is as naughty as she is and is forever getting her into trouble, as if she needed any help! The fairies are preparing for the Blossom Ball, putting up the party tent, icing fairy cakes and stringing fairy lights on the trees. But with Nixie around, tidying the petals turns into a mini tornado and making a magic potion ends up with magical mayhem. Hopefully it will be all right on the night. This is a super book in an exciting new series. It features a fun-loving character whose mischief will be enjoyed by girls and boys alike.

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Superhero School: Alien Attack! by Alan MacDonald
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408825242

Stan and his friends at Mighty High School are on an exciting school trip to a Superhero Convention. Stan is hoping to meet Captain Courageous but all he manages to do is buy some bionic bubblegum. When Miles sees a spaceship landing in the car park he can't resist going to meet the aliens but in so doing complicates things for his friends. Will they be able to rescue him from the aliens, will the bionic bubblegum prove to have been a good buy and will they finally meet Captain Courageous? This is a very funny book that is a real page-turner. It has fantastic illustrations throughout that complement the story brilliantly.

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