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Rascal: Lost in the Caves by Chris Cooper
Egmont ISBN 9781405275118

Rascal is having a great holiday with Joel and his family. He only wants to have fun but sometimes he gets into trouble and Joel has to smooth things out. They discover a cave which looks exciting but Rascal feels wary of going inside. However it is so tempting, the next morning they go back to explore. Soon they find themselves in great danger. Will they be able to find their way out of this frightening place? This is the start of Rascal's adventures with Joel. It is a real page-turner for both boys and girls. For more stories about Rascal look out for the other books in this series.

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Foxy Tales: The Great Jail Break by Caryl Hart & Alex T Smith
Hodder ISBN 9781444909333

Foxy DuBois and Alphonso the Alligator are back! The unlikely duo come across sacks full of money which they think is fantastic but will surely only spell trouble. They soon find themselves in front of a judge who sentences them to six months in jail. There they meet Eric-the-Evil and they try to come up with ingenious ways to escape but they soon realise they will need more than a Get Out of Jail Free card. Laugh out loud as you follow the latest adventure in the super Foxy Tales series. This exciting story about two fantastic characters is enhanced by brilliant illustrations.

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