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Magic Tree House: Castle of Mystery by Mary Pope Osborne
Red Fox ISBN 9781862305243

Climb the ladder to the Magic Tree House. There's a world of adventure inside! Jack and Annie are travelling back in time again. At first, it's all very exciting, with a castle, a banquet and knights in shining armour. But when they find themselves trapped in dark, creepy dungeons, Jack and Annie will need to come up with a clever escape plan....

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The Windspinner by Berlie Doherty
Young Corgi ISBN 9780552555746

Tam has a secret. Great-grandpa Toby has been left behind in the land of Faery and the King, Oban, is hiding in Tam's cupboard! When Oban changes himself into a little boy and starts causing all sorts of trouble, Tam and Aunt California set off to Faery to bring Great-grandpa home. But what will they do about Oban and the angry Flame-reader fairy, who has cast a spell on Great-grandpa...?

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