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Pugly Bakes a Cake by Pamela Butchart
Nosy Crow ISBN 9780857635990

Meet Pugly, the dog who thinks big and has great ideas. His latest brilliant idea is to bake the yummiest cake ever for an exciting television show he would love to be on. However Pugly doesn't get any help from Clem the cat - in fact she goes out of her way to cause problems, even suggesting some very strange ingredients for the cake! When it seems things couldn't be any worse, Pugly gets stuck in the cat flap. This is a super story with fantastic illustrations. It is full of fun and is sure to delight boys and girls reading on their own or reading together.

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Thunderbotís Day of Doom by Alan MacDonald
Bloomsbury ISBN 9781408825266

Stan and his pals at Mighty High are training to be superheroes. The three finalists for this year's Science Awards are about to be announced and there is much excitement about the special guest. When they are told it is to be a weatherman, the children couldn't be more disappointed. But things hot up - or cool down! - when the weatherman becomes an evil robot. Can the Invincibles stop Thunderbot in his tracks before it is too late? Here is another Superhero School adventure - a lively and entertaining story from start to finish with great illustrations.

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