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My Hamster is a Detective by Dave Lowe
Templar ISBN 9781783700318

Ben is hoping to have an adventure with his genius hamster Stinky. The Tenacious Two don't have to wait long for a mystery to solve when Delilah the kitten is cat-napped - and a neighbour's cat also disappears. But will the ransom notes hold the clues the detective duo need and will they be able to carry out their cunning plan without their secret that Stinky can talk being discovered? This is the latest hilarious story about Ben and Stinky. It is entertaining from start to finish and is complemented by amusing illustrations.

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The No 1 Car Spotter Goes to School by Atinuke
Walker Books ISBN 9781406342925

No 1 learns a lot from life around him in the African bush and especially from his grandfather. When he and his best friend Coca-Cola meet a young American boy they realise how different their lives are. No 1 dreams of going to school and is thrilled when the opportunity arises but he now has much less time with his grandfather - and some things he can only learn from his grandfather, sitting under the iroko tree. This is a delightful book about a charming character, with super illustrations. It is a gently humorous story, itself illustrating the power of story-telling.

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