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Arthur and the Witch by Johanne Mercier
Phoenix Yard Books ISBN 9781907912207

Arthur discovers a secret hiding-place full of blueberries and picks lots of them as a surprise for his grandmother. She is delighted and makes a pie for Arthur and his grandfather but when she realises where Arthur found the fruit she becomes rather worried. So Grandma calls Cousin Eugene who she knows will have good advice in these difficult - but amusing - circumstances. This is a super story for boys and girls alike, reading on their own or reading together - and it is complemented by fantastic illustrations throughout.

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My Funny Family Gets Bigger by Chris Higgins
Hodder ISBN 9780340989869

Mattie is excited about going back to school but realises not all children are as happy as she is, particularly one of her sisters whose rather odd behaviour causes a lot of concern. The family are expecting a very special delivery at Christmas time - could this be part of the explanation? In this delightfully humorous tale, the strength of family life shines through. This lovely book with its super illustrations will be enjoyed by newly-confident readers. It is also ideal for reading together.

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