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Arthur and the Mystery of the Egg by Johanne Mercier
Phoenix Yard Books ISBN 9781907912160

Arthur finds an egg in his grandparents' garden. It's a fairly ordinary egg but when he takes it into the house the grown-ups make a huge fuss. It really is a puzzle where it came from as there are no chickens nearby and they all try to solve that great mystery - which came first, the chicken or the egg? They are in for a big surprise when the egg cracks, leading Arthur to ask the grown-ups another tricky question! This is a lovely story for young readers who are sure to see things from Arthur's point of view. There are super illustrations throughout the book which is the first in a new series.

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The Smug Pug by Anna Wilson
Macmillan Children's Books ISBN 9781447200758

Welcome to Crumbly-under-Edge! Pippa Peppercorn hates the idea of going back to school after the holidays but it is not as bad as she thinks because there is an intriguing new girl at school called Tallulah with an equally intriguing dog, Smug. But when Pippa tells Dash the dachshund at Mrs Fudge's salon Chop 'n' Chat how amazing her new friends are, he is less than impressed. This is a laugh-out-loud story that is packed full of action and fun. The delightfully wacky characters will amuse boys and girls alike.

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