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Ellie and Granny Mac by Elizabeth MacLennan
Walker Books ISBN 9781406317886

Ellie usually goes to stay with her Greek grandmother, Yiayia, for the summer holidays. However this year she's going to see Granny Mac in Edinburgh. Ellie is not amused! But when she arrives in Edinburgh she soon realises how much fun she can have there. And with two Grannies, Ellie can have the best of both worlds!

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Snow Goalie by Sophie Smiley
Andersen Press ISBN 9781849390538

Charlie and her brothers have all been training hard and have made the final of the five-a-side tournament. When it starts to snow heavily, the youngest of the family team is marooned at school so Charlie sets off in the snowy night to rescue him. Even if she is successful, how can they play on the frozen pitch, never mind win the trophy?

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