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Dotty Detective: The Paw Print Puzzle by Clara Vulliamy
HarperCollins ISBN 9780008132453

Dot, her best friend Beans and Dot's dog McClusky are ready for their latest tricky case but their detective work must remain top secret. Strange noises at night are enough to convince them that something spooky is happening but, as all super sleuths know, they must get proof and for this they need a genius plan. It's just as well the intrepid trio love solving puzzles. This exciting book is full of humour and suspense. The story and illustrations will keep young readers and would-be detectives entertained and intrigued.

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Marge in Charge by Isla Fisher
Piccadilly Press ISBN 9781848125339

Jemima and Jake are not looking forward to meeting their new baby sitter. When they see a tiny lady with a woolly hat they are definitely not thrilled but the moment their parents leave Marge takes off her hat revealing multi-coloured hair - and a multi-coloured personality! They are enthralled when she tells them she is a duchess, she was brought up in a royal palace and has ten pets. Great fun ensues and the children can't wait for the next time Marge is in charge! There are three hilarious stories in this super new series with heart-warming characters. The stories are enhanced by the great illustrations.

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